The Different Formats Of VHS

The VHS Video system is used in most countries worldwide. However, there are a number of different formats used in different countries - e.g: PAL in the UK & Australasia, SECAM in France, NTSC in the USA, Canada etc.

These formats differ in things like the colour make-up, numbers of lines, tape speed etc. So a Video recorded in one format is not compatible with a VCR which only plays a different format.

Please note that all Videos we supply are in PAL format. Unless you have a multi-format player, you will probably need to get the Video converted to the standard used in your home country (e.g: NTSC in the USA, SECAM in some parts of Europe).

We Will Be Pleased To Convert Your Video

Discount Music Connection (UK) will be pleased to have the Video converted as part of our service to you. The cost varies according to:-

  • The popularity of the item - a "bulk" conversion costs us, and thus you, considerably less than one-off conversions
  • The length of the Video - the cost is almost directly related to the machine time taken for the conversion

By way of example:-

  • A popular Video of average length (eg: Michael Ball's Musicals, Mike & The Mechanics' Hits) will cost US$13.50 when converted in bulk
  • A one-off conversion is likely to cost around US$25-30.00
Quality Of Conversions

A converted copy is unlikely to be as good as a factory original - but we use a professional conversion service, and the quality of the converted tapes we supply is often praised by our customers.

The converted tapes we sell are unconditionally guaranteed against fault in the conversion process or damage in transit - if the video doesn't play properly on your VCR, we will happily replace it for you.

International Copyright Law

Please note that for reasons of COPYRIGHT LAW, we will only convert a Video to another format if you have purchased the equivalent number of PAL originals. When we ship a converted Video to you, we prefer to ship your original with it, but if you prefer to keep the cost of shipping down, we will store your original PAL version for you. We do this to maintain an audit trail against any accusation of Video "Pirating", which we will not do under any circumstances.

The converted "copy" we ship to you is then subject to the same copyright laws (eg: unauthorised duplication, broadcasting etc.) as the original Video.

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