We are sorry to announce that we are in the process of closng down our business.

We very much appreciate the loyalty shown by our thousands of customers worldwide during the 20 years that we have enjoyed serving you.

However, life moves on, and it is becoming increasingly difficult, if not impossible, for a small business like ourselves to compete with the big boys - we can sure beat them on service, but they can command massive discounts from manufacturer which makes price competitiveness almost impossible for us.

We aren't disappeaing just yet, and we have a limited amount of stock/inventory to sell off, which we are doing by means of a Dutch Auction - which means that we have started by discounting all prices by 30%, and the price of each item will keep falling every day, until all stock/inventory has been sold.

In addition to these great low prices, if you buy 3 CDs or 3 DVDs, we will include a FREE Michael Ball mainstream CD or DVD with your order.

Also, we have released some items into the sale that we have not previously made available for sale - including, for example, some rare compilation CDs only previously available from Marks & Spencer.

So, do you wait for the price to go even lower, and risk not getting yourself a bargain at all - or do you buy now at today's great low prices?!

We are very proud of the special relationship we have enjoyed for many years with Michael Ball fans worldwide....

We have a limited amount of stock of Michael's CDs and DVDs to sell off, which we are doing by means of a Dutch Auction - whilst the price of each item will keep falling every day, until all stock has been sold, there is only a very limited number of each item available, and not much time left.

Also included in the sale are a number of older rare compilation CDs, including some that we have never made available for sale before (e.g: 2 different compilation CDs released exclusively by Marks & Spencer in 2000 and 2005) - get them now to complete your Michael Ball collection, while you can!

So grab yourself a bargain now, while you can - time is running out!!

Please note that all items will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis - there is a possibility that an item may still show as available on our web site, but may have sold out by the time your order is processed - in which case, please accept our sincere apologies for any disappointment caused.

All order forms provided at this site are secure and encrypted, for your security.

Because our order forms are displayed within frames, you won't always see the "closed padlock" symbol displayed by your browser when using our secure forms - however, you can always right-click anywhere on the order form and check your browser to confirm the level of security and encryption used by our order forms. Rest assured we treat the security of your personal data with the utmost importance.

Thank you for your past custom and friendship - we will miss you all!